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Steel material went down in August, It may go up in September
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Looking at the trend of the iron and steel industry in August,2019, the overall trend is downward, but It May go up in September, because looking at the demand side, in the week of August 16, according to the same caliber survey statistics, the angle of channel steel stocks was 53,300 tons, which was 0.23 million tons less than last week. The H-beam stock was 47,200 tons, which was 0.26 million tons less than last week. Domestic steel social inventories ended the nine-week rising trend. This week (August 23-August 29), the country's major steel social stocks were 12.4693 million tons, a decrease of 296,800 tons from last week, a decrease of 364,100 tons from last month; the total amount of rebar stocks was 6,094,800 tons. The total volume of stocks was 2,441,400 tons. In the case of typhoon crossings, rainy weather is widespread everywhere, and shipments are affected, inventory declines are even more precious, suggesting that downstream demand may start to improve. In terms of infrastructure, since August, the hot and rainy weather has suppressed the release of demand. At present, these factors have begun to subside. In addition, before the 70th anniversary, there will be a possibility of rushing work in the downstream construction sites. Therefore, the market demand will appear short-term in early September. The possibility of concentrated release, the current rebar stocks have been declining for two consecutive weeks, and last week's building materials inventory was more than 200,000 tons for three days. If these two trends continue, it indicates that demand has improved. The external situation has escalated, and the impact on the global economy is still emerging. The country has also adopted a series of measures to expand consumption and stabilize growth, and steel demand is expected to remain stable.

  In summary, the analysts believe that if iron ore raw material prices stop falling for so long in September, they will support steel prices. In addition, downstream demand will improve. The traditional consumption season in September-October will bring certain benefits to the market, and steel production will be limited by environmental protection policies. It is predicted that the steel market will rebound in September, but the overall trend will be adjusted according to shocks.

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