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what affects price of vinyl flooring
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what affects price of PVC Sports flooring,Vinyl flooring?

Certainly,we prefer the cheaper price products as a buyer.But the price exists a big difference based on different quality.If you buy a cheaper one,quality warranty is one month. another higher price one,quality warranty is one year,which one will you buy?

Here we glad to introduce the key effect the price of PVC sports flooring. raw material or recycle material.
For recycled material,the PVC sports flooring usage is not long and it is harmful for people. thickness and wear-layer thickness.
it's the most important factor to decide the price, More thickness,higher price.
3.Whether there is a UV layer on the surface. The UV layer not only prevents ultraviolet rays, but also has strong stain resistance. PVC plastic flooring with UV surface treatment is naturally more expensive than without UV.
4.Material and density of raw materials such as wear-layer and glass fiber layer.

Hope customers have a sensible choice when you buy PVC sports flooring.

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