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How to install gypsum ceiling plasterboard correctly to avoid cracking
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Firstly, we propose to use drywall steel framing to fix paper gypsum board for suspended ceiling and partition wall application, instead of wood keel. drywall steel profile produced by Sinoceiling has many good features: deform, light weight, high strength, anti-corrosion and so on. it can be easily installed with paper gypsum board. The attentions during process of installation listed as blow:

1. The strength performance and deformation of gypsum board depend on the direction, which is perpendicular to drywall metal stud, and is installed under the state of no stress, and is fixed from the middle of the board to the four sides with drywall screws offered by Sinoceiling.

2. Gypsum plasterboard should be installed with transverse keel, it can’t be hanged. If the transverse joint cannot be avoided, the joint shall be set at a dislocation, and the transverse joint position of the partition board shall be staggered and shall not fall on the same keel.

3. Paper gypsum board installed with galvanized ceiling channel has different stress angles and the vertical and horizontal joints of gypsum board are affected by various stresses. Therefore, drywall joint tape should be properly reserved between the boards.

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